Recipe for Disaster

NOTE: This is not an edible item, for either pets or humans.  I made this up all by myself (hurray)!  This is a good thing to make on days when everything is going wrong.

green and black drawing of butterfly, with green digital text
This is my pet digital butterfly. Her name is Neobyte.


  • a paper lunch bag (any color)
  • some Elmer’s glue
  • some glitter


  1. Pour the glue into the paper bag, coat as much of the inside of the bag as is possible, but leave the upper 3″ uncoated!
  2. Dump glitter into the bag.
  3. Close the bag tightly with your fist, around that upper 3″ part.
  4. Shake the bag vigorously.
  5. Open the bag and set aside to dry, overnight.
  6. When you’re having a bad day, look inside the bag: ooo, pretty, pretty!




We were outside in the backyard hanging out when Betty decided to grab a rock.
“Chase me,” she said as she fired her Cute Ray directly at me. “Think about how much fun we’ll have,” she whispered as she did a small hop with her front legs, flicked her head to one side, and tossed the rock straight up.
black basset hound with head on top of a large pot of dirt and weeds
My resistance was crumbling, but then a small noise came from the front yard. It was Betty’s new friend the postal carrier. Betty raced around to the front and engaged in a prolonged greeting session with this friend. I was left dumped in the backyard. All I could do was to mope and kick the rock under the deck.