sideview of standing black basset hound, with white chest and white feetI never planned to develop a website themed around our dog!  We adopted Betty Zing when she was nine weeks old, just as everything was being shut down because of the COVID-10 pandemic.  So, yes, she was our pandemic puppy—a part of the pandemic baby pet boom—but that was by accident. Our last dog had passed away a little over a year earlier and it was time to get a new one.

black basset hound puppy, asleep in bed, ears spread out, toy giraffe "petting" her

At first, we were just posting little things on Facebook: observations, stories, pictures, little video clips.  But it turned out that Betty Zing was a natural in front of the camera, and also proved to be (at least in our eyes) quite the little character: sweet, loving, mostly very good, but also full of curiosity and attitude.

black basset hound puppy sitting on patio among dead leaves, white chest, white paws, nose in the air

black basset hound puppy with white chest and white paws asleep on a desk, in front of a desktop computer and beside a checkbook

The observations and stories began to grow in length.  The pictures evolved into memes and cards (birthday, Halloween, other holidays).  The little video clips were edited together to make larger (5 minute) videos.

black basset hound wearing a pale green knitted babooshka, partially draped over her nose

Bottom line: Betty Zing was proving to be a lot of fun for two aging professors during a pandemic. It seemed like a good idea, to me, to go more public in the digital world with our little dog.


black basset hound puppy asleep on a desk, head on a keyboard

And too, there were friends and family who are not on Facebook (understandably), who couldn’t see all the images, videos, notes and stories. And so this site developed.  There are lots of little notes, stories, pictures, and videos.

a black basset hound lounging on a window sill, on a window seat, looking into the camera

But this site isn’t intended to be about just Betty Zing; it’s also about her friends.  For no particular reason (except that basset hounds are best motivated, it seems, by food), this site has the function of encouraging the sharing of recipes, along with little stories.  You can do this once, or you can become a regular contributor.

black basset hound with rubber chicken under her arm, on a blue chair, glaring at the camera

The advantage of becoming a regular contributor is that you will have the ability to post more than just one or two pictures.  By the way, “regular” does not mean a high frequency of contributions: if you post something at least three times during a year, then that’s considered to be pretty regular!

Thanks for visiting, and have fun!


a black basset hound on a blue blanket, on a recliner, her nose draped over the edge of the seat, looking upward

a black basset hound on a blue blanket, on a recliner, her nose draped over the edge of the seat, asleep with her long ear covering her eyes