Welcome Home, Betty Zing!

Betty Zing was born January 9, 2020. This is a picture of Betty Zing, at eight weeks old, just before we adopted her. two black basset hound puppies, 8 weeks old, looking very sad

Scott and I are university professors (different universities).  We both teach a lot of our courses online, have been doing so for years, and when we do teach on campus, we alternate days so that there is usually someone home with the dog(s).  When I first met Scott, I had a basset hound, named Moana.  Actually, her full name was Moana Sophia Ms. Piggy LaBelle (for no particular reason).  She moaned a lot.

brown and white basset hound, standing in the grass, looking suspiciously at the camera

Moana live for eleven years and passed away many, many years ago.  Since then, we’ve had two other dogs: Daisy (an Australian Shepherd) and Domino (an Australian Cattle Dog/Border Collie).

two dogs, one brown and the other black and white, in the snow, and the brown dog is barking

Actually, we adopted Domino almost a year after I met Scott, and the kids named her.  Domino was a playful puppy who greatly face of black and white dog with pointy earsannoyed Moana (who was already a very grumpy eight years old by then), much to our amusement.

About a year after Moana passed away, we adopted Daisy, who turned out to be a perfect match in playing for Domino, and brown dog, lots of fur, "smiling"they were best friends until Domino passed away a few years ago.  Two years later, Daisy passed away in January  2019, and we decided to take some time off from owning a dog.  At the time of Daisy’s death, I had not been without a dog for most of her life (the exception being a few years during college), and by the following January, I was more-than-ready to get a puppy.

Daisy and Domino were both good dogs, but my heart belonged most to grumpy old Moana.  Moana saw me through challenging times in my life, and despite her grumpiness, she was mostly a very good dog.  Scott and I agreed to get a basset hound, and so I looked at both basset hound rescue sites and basset hound puppy sites.

That’s how I found Betty Zing.  I had never, ever seen a black basset hound before!  Her parents are both tri-colored basset hounds, but she and all her siblings were black, with bits of white — especially on the noses and feet.  I chose Betty because she was the runt of the little, with hopes that she would not grow to be quite as big as her parents (named Rosie and Ozzie Osborne).

She is settling in very nicely.

black basset hound puppy, asleep in bed, ears spread out, toy giraffe "petting" her

black basset hound puppy, 9 weeks old, asleep in bed on a desk with read blanket and tiny teddy bear