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Where People Know Your Name–Part V

Betty and I were playing keep-away in the front yard (her favorite game) when a car pulled up and parked in front of a neighbor’s house. A woman whom I’d never seen before stepped out of the car and spotted Betty. The woman ran over to the fence surrounding my yard and said, “Oh Betty, come on over here. You’re so gorgeous. I love you.” Betty, of course, dashed over to the fence, did her little dance of joy, and took in all of that love.
black basset hound stretched out on a blue window seat, asleep
I stood a good distance away mystified. Yet one more stranger knows about Betty. Why? What is the source of this inscrutable power Betty uses to create so much adoration? Is it the ears? The long nose? The short legs? The deep bark? The hypnotic dance of joy followed by sprinting around in delight? There must be some sort of double-blind scientific experiment that I can do to figure out what is going on. I can’t accept that Betty has a paranormal ability undetectable to science. If she has such an ability, then why hasn’t this loving, gorgeous, and darling of a dog had any effect on me?
black basset hound curled up on a blue window seat, asleep

It’s Real, Sorta’

black basset hound, front legs holding a rubber chicken

Poor Betty Zing has been suffering a false pregnancy this week.

black basset hound, front legs holding a rubber chicken

Yes, that’s a real thing. Her mammaries are swollen, and she’s whining and nesting in various corners of the house.

black basset hound, front legs holding a rubber chicken

Suddenly, many of her toys have turned from being “prey” (that she gnaws and tosses about) to being “babies” (that she licks and protects), such as with her rubber chicken (above). (See also Scott’s version of the matter.)