Betty and the Hawk

On the first day Betty arrived at our home, when we pulled into the driveway, we noticed a hawk sitting at the top of a tree in the backyard. Soon after, we realized that there was a pair of them living somewhere nearby, and they frequently circled our area.
This morning, as is part of our new routine, Betty and I went outside for her first “good girl” experience of the day (peeing and pooping), and I saw one of those hawks again sitting at the top of that tree in the backyard, where we were. Betty was completely unaware, focused upon getting treats for doing her little duties and then bounding about for things to sniff: bounding and sniffing, bounding and sniffing. I watched the hawk watching Betty. I wasn’t sure if it was actually watching Betty, but I didn’t trust it. Soon after, we went inside for breakfast.
After breakfast, we went outside for more bounding and sniffing, and I noticed that the hawk was still there, up in that tree. Betty bounded and sniffed, bounded and sniffed. I watched the hawk. When Betty was done, we went back inside, and as I was closing the door, I noticed that hawk had flown away.
Betty never knew the slightly potential danger that she was in.
black basset hound puppy sitting on patio among dead leaves, white chest, white paws, nose in the air

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