Sad Celebrity News

black basset in snow, face covered in snow

I posted the Betty covered with snow and the Tibetan prayer flag pictures at the same time [on Facebook].

Tibeten prayer flags on a vertical pole (top to bottom: blue, white, red, green, yellow) blowing in the wind, in front of a garage, on snowy ground

If any likes were to be given, I expected the Betty covered with snow picture to get the most. But I was wrong—the Tibetan prayer flag picture is way more popular. Betty is not even one year old, yet her stardom has already passed its peak. I guess the “fame is fleeting” adage has claimed another victim. I tried to be gentle when I explained that retirement was now her best option, that a comeback attempt would drain her treat reserves, but all Betty wanted to do was to play with her rubber chicken and have me chase her around the holly bushes in the snow. As her co-manager, I’m supposed to be concerned with the bottom line, but Betty only cares about her art.

black basset hound wearing a pale green knitted babooshka around her neck


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