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Party at the Vet’s!

I have never, ever owned a dog who loved to go to the animal clinic. My previously owned two dogs, Daisy and Domino, would shiver and whine as soon as they realized where they were going, and they wouldn’t stop until they were permitted to drag me by the leash back out the door, as far away from the clinic entrance as possible. Not even treats would console them. When they’d try to give Daisy a treat, she’d take it and spit it onto the floor (in protest?) Not Betty. Betty LOVES going to the animal clinic. She can’t wait to go inside and say “hello” to all her friends. Today, we had to go because she has infections in both her ears (typical of basset hounds), and they trimmed her nails. She got lots of apple slices with peanut butter. The technician brought her back out to the car, and she was just loping along like nothing was going on, stopping to sniff things along the way. Now, of course, she’s exhausted. She has two kinds of ear infections: bacterial and yeast. Poor little doggy. (Well, not so little: she now weighs 51 pounds.)

black basset hound looking miserable on blue bed with gray and maroon paisley blanket and purple and pink pillow/toy