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Party at the Vet’s!

black basset hound looking out a car window, a orange/yellow lamp on a pole, an evergreen tree, and a house with holiday lights are reflecting off the window pane

I think that I have stated this before: I have never owned a dog who loved going to the veterinarian’s as much as Betty Zing does. I mean, she LOVES going there. This evening, we went, and she was just too excited. We waited in the car for the vet-tech to come out and get her, and every time it was another pet’s turn, she cried and cried like a little rejected and neglected puppy. However, at long last, it was her turn, and she literally dragged the vet-tech into the animal hospital. A while later, the vet called me to report and then casually said, “It’s gonna’ be a little while before she’s brought back out to you. Word has gotten out that Betty Zing is here and we all just love her, but not everyone has had a chance to greet her, and of course she has to greet EVERYONE (which we don’t mind), and, and … oh… oh! She just spied Joe coming out of surgery, so now she HAS to go greet him, too….” Never mind that she was there for a seemingly chronic ear infection and to get her nails clipped. As far as Betty Zing was concerned, she was at a party. And now she’s fast asleep: too much partying at the animal hospital, I guess.

black basset hound curled up, passed out, on a tan recliner